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make your child the envy of everyother child in town?
How to Have a Party Experience Your Child Will Remember Forever--Guaranteed!!
“Dear Mont Magic, Thank you so much for coming all the way out to Rock Springs, Wyoming to do Kayla’s B-day party with us. Thank you for sending her that certificate and the autographed photo, she was really excited to get and open her personal mail from you. All her friends say that it was the best b-day party that they’ve ever had or been to.  Me and my husband thought the show was great and really liked how you joked & teased the kids with your magic tricks to make them laugh. The show was totally worth all the memories we’ll have to share together forever and to me that’s priceless. 
Thank you once again, 
L & B Reed”

Discover How to 
Supercharge Your Child's Next Party with Laughter, Fun, and Entertainment Your Whole Family Will Love!

“ Mont-
We loved the show. We had many of the parents tell us that the party was great and their kids had a blast.
-S Harlan”

“ Dear Mont Magic-
Thanks so much for making my birthday party so much fun! All of my friends had a blast. My favorite trick was shen you made the M&M’s appear in a flash of light! I also liked petting your rabbit. Thanks for making my birthday so special. 
Your friend, Zachary
PS: I’ve been practicing some of the magic tricks on my mom and dad. It’s fun!

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“Mont, The kids (of ALL ages) thoroughly enjoyed your magic show at Gannett’s Birthday Party on Sunday. We are so grateful that you were able to squeeze us into your busy schedule with such short notice. That evening Garrett broke into his box of tricks that you left him as a gift. He has two of them down and is tricking us all. He LOVES it. He never really understood or expressed interest in magic, but with you showing him how a couple of tricks could be done, he is a sure believer in it. I explained that he is a very lucky little boy to even have learned a couple from the “Magic Man” as they don’t often tell how they do it! I further explained that if he keeps trying, pays close attention and attends more magic shows he may be able to uncover and master many more tricks in the future.  I think he is SOLD. Thank you again, the party was a real treat for us all.  
--Sincerely,” C. Fisk

“Dear Mont Magic,
You came and performed at Maggie’s birthday back in October. I have attached a few pictures to remind you of our fun party! I am sorry it took me so long to send a very heart felt thank you for the wonderful job you did!
The kids loved the performance and Maggie felt so special. The children were mesmerized by the humorous magic you delivered effortlessly! It thrilled me to hear those kids roar with laughter.      Thank you so much!
”—Chantal H.

Dear Friend,
It's tough being a parent these days. So much to do and so little time. School. Sports. Friends. And as you rush around, you realize just how fast your kids grow up. Every moment is precious. Especially those special occasions like birthdays. 

And now another year has passed. So how will you celebrate your child's special day this year?

Maybe you're thinking about hiring some entertainment...

So How Do You Choose an Entertainer?

Sure, you'll find a lot of entertainers out there. But how do you know which to choose? How can you be sure they know how to provide age-appropriate solutions to your family's needs? And how can you feel certain you'll get the best possible value for your investment?

The answer: Hire a Kid-Show Specialist

For kid's parties and family events, you want entertainment that's visual, easy to understand, and (of course) extremely funny. You don't want someone who just recycles old "jokes" the kids won't understand. Children love situational comedy, where crazy stuff happens and everyone enjoys the fun. 

You want someone who's spent years working on and perfecting their programs – preferably someone's who's performed thousands of times in front of live audiences. You don't want a part-time entertainer, you want someone who's good enough to work as a FULL-TIME Kid Show Professional!

Only by hiring an experienced professional who specializes in children's entertainment can you be certain you'll get the quality and value your family deserves.

How to Have a Party Your Child Will Never Forget!

My name is MONT MAGIC and for over 46 years I’ve dedicated my time and talents to making life easier for Moms and Dads all across the United States. 

So how do I do this?

By blending comedy, magic, puppets, juggling, participation and balloon animals into a totally unique, one-of-a-kind, party fun extravaganza your child, your family, and your entire neighborhood will NEVER forget! 

(Check out the video below to see and hear all the laughter and fun your family can experience!)

The Magic of Making Your Child Feel Special!

All my party package solutions provide a guaranteed, laughter-packed 40 to 60 minutes of magic, comedy, puppets, and fun! There's no experimental material in my show – it's all tried and true A+ material. 

And the star of the show? Is YOUR CHILD! All throughout the show, magic will continually happen in their hands! Balls will appear, disappear, and change – which of course makes your child feel VERY special! 

Plus there's tons of HILARIOUS Audience Participation! Every kid gets to help out in some way, which is important because, as you know, kids don’t want to just sit and watch – they want to get into the act, don’t they?

"A Testimonial You Can't Help But Read!"

And of course, every show by MONT MAGIC includes some guaranteed WOW moments*:

• A GIANT soda straw is pulled out of a small lunch bag!

• The amazing Stinky, the world's only mind-reading Skunk, will ferret out a secretly chosen card! I guarantee your entire family will scream and laugh their heads off at Stinky’s antics!

• For the grand finale, your child will wave a magic wand and turn a plain old small pan into a surprise ending that will have EVERYONE rolling on the floor in hysterics - your walls will Rock with Laughter - guaranteed!

Every movement, every moment has been precisely planned and packed with action, magic, music, and laughter for your entire family! Imagine how much fun you'll have watching every face in your home howling with laughter!
*Magic tricks can vary from show to show depending on age, etc.

And as an Added Bonus: 
Special Prizes for EVERYONE!

Regardless of which party package you choose, every child at the event will get a special magic surprise they can take home. Unlike other entertainers who just hand out business cards, I make sure every kid gets to be a magician too! 
And with the GARGANTUAN GOLD Party Package, you'll receive the following:

• Magic goodie bags, packed with magic, gags, and candy! The kids love them and it saves you the hassle of finding the stuff and putting them together yourself. 

• Balloon Animals appear almost magically in a variety of shapes and colors as a special prize for every child there! 

• "MONT MAGIC” Magic set, which I’ve made up myself, with customized, detailed instructions for every effect. 
This is not just a collection of tricks tossed in a box, it’s an entire magic act – now it’s easy for every child to be a magician – giving them many, many hours of fun.

• "MONT MAGIC” magic book autographed by Mont Magic himself!
(Imagine how thrilled your child will be when I produce this MAGIC SET as a gift from you. Who knows, 
you may wind up raising the next Houdini! How cool is that?!)

I guarantee, every kid in the neighborhood will shout THANK YOU!!! for throwing such a GREAT party!

It Sounds Fantastic! But Can I Afford This?

I offer several different party package solutions, ranging from $145 to $220 – making sure there's a package friendly to every family's needs. And if one of my standard packages doesn't fit just right, I can craft a solution personalized to your specific requirements. Finally, to make it even easier for you, I accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Each show includes the Money Dream where I pull many 50-cent pieces out of birthday child's ears, elbows, knees, hair, nose and finish up with a large plastic coin. At the end of the routine, I pour ALL the coins into a bucket and give it to the birthday child as a special magical gift from MONT MAGIC!

Wow! How Can I Find Out More!?

Contact me today to learn how easy it is to throw a party that will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime. You can email me at:  or call 801-856-2338

CALL NOW and together let's make your child's next event totally amazing, fun, and unforgettable!


P.S., As you might imagine, weekends are extremely busy and fill up fast. I do several dozen events every month, and as one of the busiest kid show pros in the Intermountain West, my calendar can fill up weeks in advance. So I urge you to email me at or call 801-856-2338 – why risk disappointing your child?

P.P.S., If you’re checking around for entertainment, make sure you ask these questions:

• Do they specialize in children's entertainment? Or do they instead try to perform "for all occasions"? (Just look at their ad or website. You'll see what I mean.)

• Can they describe their shows in detail, or does it sound like they simply just “wing” each show?

• Are they full-time Kid Show Professionals, with a legitimate business license and insurance?

• How much experience do they have and what are their professional credentials? Mont Magic has been voted “Favorite Family Entertainer” by Utah Family Magazine, 6 years! That means voted best over all the rest!!

• Last and most importantly, can they make the same 110% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE of total customer satisfaction!? What happens if you are NOT Satisfied?? 

EVERYONE ELSE will just return your money. MONT MAGIC not only will not take any pay, but will write you out a personal check for 10% of the show fee! 

NO ONE ELSE offers this guarantee. And, in 46 years, NO ONE has ever asked for this from MONT MAGIC.

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"We all were very pleased with your performance. We would hire you again when needed, or you will be highly recommended by us. My sister was already telling everyone she works with about how Zach was trying to do magic all night when he got home. Thank you for making his birthday a very magical one."- The Hunters 

"...Our son will remember this forever. We feel this was a worthwhile investment. Thank you" - J Hayes 
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